Bible Relevancy

Image by stempow from Pixabay

As a believer, do you think the Bible should be contextualized at the time in which we live, or is it still relevant?

Unpacking the context of the days and times the Bible books were written in makes the Bible even more relevant for today. If we just picked up the Bible, opened it, and put our finger on a verse, who knows how we will interpret what we read?

God spoke to the cultures and people in the Bible. And he speaks to us through his Word today. Digging deep into the context of biblical times gives us a clearer picture of how God spoke directly to them in their moments.

We take the principle from that contextualized moment and we apply it to our situations in our lives today. So the Bible should be contextualized so that we understand how the readers and people of that day applied it. Then we take that same principle or forever truth God spoke to their situation and apply it to situations that are like theirs for us today.

There are plenty of these situations because just as believers dealt with the cultures and societies of their days, those same interactions and situations tend to come up in our lives as well. The forever truth we learn from the Bible and the principles that we pick up are invaluable as we live for God in our culture today.

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