Best-Selling Bible

Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

Since the Bible is the best-selling book in the world, who receives the millions generated by its sale?

When you open up whatever Bible you regularly read or have in front of you, you will see a publisher listed there. Many times it is also found in the binder of the Bible. This could be anyone from Zondervan, Crossway, Thomas Nelson, and others.

The translation of the Bible that you are using is produced by this publisher. Therefore, they receive the money not only from publishing the Bible and its sale, but also from royalties from any author who writes a book and uses this Bible as their translation.

Royalty laws are usually listed in the introduction to the Bible. The other option is that you may have a Bible translation that is out of date and considered to be public domain. No one receives the royalties from these copies of the Bible. Public domain Bibles are often on the web were used by people who don’t want to pay royalties when they quote the Scriptures.

The publishers that make these translations often higher a number of scholars to translate the original text of the Bible, provide a paraphrase, or whatever type of Bible you have. This is why they make sales on the Bible. It is a different translation than any other translation out there.

Because these publishers put such effort into the translation, marketing, and selling of these translations of the Bible, they receive the sales and royalties when these Bibles are bought and used in other publications.

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