Believing without Seeing

June 10 | 1 Peter 1:8-9

“Though not seeing Him, you love him, whom you are not now seeing but believing in, rejoicing with indescribable and glory-filled joy acquiring the ending goal of your faith, salvation of your souls.” (1 Peter 1:8–9)

It’s impossible for me to enjoy something I have never read, watched, or heard. People make references to movies, songs, and books and when we do not know then it seems like an inside joke. We can’t enjoy something unless we experience it for ourselves. I have received many recommendations for great literature in all its forms so I can get in on the secret.

Knowing Jesus is the same way. You can talk to others about him but until they experience him for themselves they will not fully understand the depths of friendship and transformation he brings to their lives. But it’s different for us than it was for Peter who walked with Jesus.

He knew Jesus’ face, voice, what he looked like in the crowd. We don’t know what Jesus looked like physically. We can read about how the crowd and religious leaders reacted to him. But we weren’t there like Peter was.

And yet you know Jesus. You haven’t seen his physical appearance but you love him. You serve him with joy because you have met him, even if it’s a different way than Peter did. You have put your trust and faith in him without seeing his physical face. And you are saved because you have seen him and trusted him.

Action Step: See Jesus as your Savior and Friend. Thank him that you can see him with eyes of faith. Praise him for his goodness to you.

Jesus, I love you for who you are and what you have done for me. You have poured out your love and grace upon me. Continue to reveal yourself to me.

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