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Writing Strategies

Unfortunately, I’m one of the most distracted writers you will find. When I get stuck or just don’t know where to go, I tend to begin surfing the Internet for a while, playing a game, reading a book, or watching … Continue reading

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Who’s to Blame?

A very disturbing river runs through the Pentecostal/charismatic movement, a river of mysticism and random weirdness viewed as spiritual maturity. But this spiritual phooey actually sets itself against spiritual maturity, and Christian thinking! I speak now of those weird moments … Continue reading

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The Brotherhood

Jesus instituted a powerful force on the earth before he left. The church is full of brothers and sisters in Christ, people who are on your side. This is where you get the resources to be the best witness for … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

On Thursday, May 30, I published my short story “Tainted Beauty.” It was the first time I had ever published anything that I wrote. It was very exciting and I have many people helping me with the launch. I finished … Continue reading

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God’s Track Record

I hear many people referring to faith in some strange ways nowadays. For some odd reason, faith has become an unreliable thing, like the phrase points out, “Take it on faith,” meaning even though you don’t see it and there’s … Continue reading

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Demystifying Divine Appointments

You hear about them all the time in church, those elusive divine appointments. Are they moments with God? Or are they special times of renewal? A divine appointment is when the Holy Spirit leads you to the right person at … Continue reading

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Two significant gardens appear in the Bible. The Garden of Eden is where everything began, including the entrance of sin into the world. But in the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus took the weight of the world’s sin and the cup … Continue reading

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You’re Not a One-Man Band

When I was first introduced to evangelism models, I was taught the process of coming to Christ from the hardened atheist to the growing saint. The one overwhelming aspect was guiding anyone through this process myself. It’s a daunting responsibility! … Continue reading

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Just One More Week…

My new short story, Tainted Beauty, will be available next Thursday, May 30! The best part is it will be completely FREE! I will provide download links for everyone on Thursday. I only ask that you share on social media … Continue reading

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The Most Important Step

It’s often skipped by many Christians, but is the most important step in anything we do. It’s prayer. How can we expect God to bless our efforts in sharing our faith if we don’t ask him to guide us first? … Continue reading

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