At Your Very Word

August 30 | John 4:52-53

“Then he asked the hour in which he has gotten better, and they said to him, “Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.” Then the father knew that was the same hour in which Jesus said, “Your son is alive,” and he believed and his entire house.” (John 4:52–53)

How many Christians do not realize the authority and power that is in the word of God? At Jesus’ word anything he wants to change happens. Creation responds to God from the very beginning when He Said, “Let there be…”

For His second sign Jesus teaches you that at His word Miracles Happen in your life. Most of the Israelites were used to Jesus healing in person. He did something while He was physically present and they were healed.

An official came to Jesus begging Him to heal his son. But Jesus didn’t offer to come with him to his house. Instead He simply said, “Go, your son will live.” He refused to give the crowd another sign or wonder of His divinity just so they could be impressed with “parlor tricks.”

The man doesn’t even get home before his servants come and tell him his son is well. He gets to thinking, “When did this happen.” The servants tell him the time, and it matches when Jesus said his son was well. Jesus’ powerful word heals your body in His presence.

Action Step: Ask Jesus for your sign and wonder. But don’t seek the sign. Seek the sign Giver. He will heal your broken body. He will fix your situation.

Jesus, You are my Great Physician! Heal me from this sickness, this disability, this impossible situation. I come to You because You are the only one who can heal me. I will tell everyone of your glorious miracle in my life.

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