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Why do I find myself anxious about every single thing I do? I am a born-again Christian and I feel like everything that I’m doing is wrong.

You are not alone. Throughout my ministry many people have asked me similar questions to this. One of the lies of the devil is that we are the only ones experiencing what we’re going through. The body of Christ is full of believers who understand exactly what you are feeling.

I think sometimes what we believe doesn’t always mix with what we think, feel, and do. We had a head knowledge of these doctrinal things, but we don’t have a heart knowledge. We can know and believe in our heads all day long that we shouldn’t be anxious, but then that situation comes along and are anxiety goes through the roof.

A lot of what we feel has to do with how we think. But it can’t just stay in the mind. It has to go into the heart. I can quote versus to you all day long about anxiety and how Jesus told us that God has our backs and takes care of every need we have before we even know we have it.

Passages like Matthew 6:25-34 where Jesus tells us that God takes care of the things we are anxious about. We all know those verses. And sometimes they give us peace when I anxiety is too high. But how do we go from knowing that God provides every need to walking in that trust?

It must start with our thought process. As goes our thoughts, so goes our heart. If we worry more about how we are going to take care of our needs, we miss the truth that we don’t take care of our needs. God does. It’s in the moment that we understand God is in control and provides that we can begin to let go of our anxieties and cares.

When we think about how God can fulfill these needs better than us, we can begin to ease up on the anxiety meter. When it’s not up to me to provide for myself out of resources I don’t have, but I can place this giant boulder on my shoulder in God’s control, I can give it over to him.

And our feelings follow. As we trust God and put the onus on him to provide for our needs and to take care of us, we see a life change. The weight is lifted and we can walk in freedom. If things don’t go the way we want, we will find that it was part of God’s will for us to experience what we didn’t want to experience.

He always has purpose in everything we face. Nothing surprises him. We grow in trusting him for everything. And he changes our character, strengthens our faith in him. After reading not needing to be anxious because God takes care of everything for us, it’s good to turn to passages like Matthew 11:28-30 where Jesus tells us that his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

First Peter 5:7 tells us to cast all of our anxieties and cares upon him as he cares for us. Jesus becomes our confidant, the one who hears all of our anxieties. We will have them. We can turn them over to him and live in his freedom instead.

The journey from our head to our heart begins with our thoughts but it ends with an unbending trust in God’s provision, protection, and great care for us. Although our perspective is small, we rely on a great God with wider perspective than us.

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