My latest book will be available on Amazon and other stores Monday, July 29! I am running a preorder for the Kindle book and discounting the price for the first two weeks of the launch. There will also be a paperback version!

Do you have hurdles or struggles sharing your Christian faith? The short guide will encourage and challenge you to take a step of faith. It guides you through the process of gaining confidence and answering common questions people ask.

You can get the paperback version right now! The Kindle version can be preordered and for the first two weeks, it’s only $0.99. Its regular price will be $3.99. Grab it fast before the price goes up!

Here’s what people are saying

“A Short Guide to Sharing Your Faith” by Jonathan Srock is a book for Christian believers who seek guidance in fulfilling their duty to share their faith in Jesus Christ with non-believers. It challenges the Christian believer to take action, equips him with a step-by-step approach to overcome misgivings and feelings of inadequacy, and to share his faith in Jesus. In the end, the reader will come away with a useful and personal approach to this essential mission.

Cathy Ryan, Author

“In his book, Srock examines the facets of sharing the faith.  His intellectual approach will leave the reader equipped in the face of any potential response to the presentation of the Gospel.  The brevity of the book will allow for regular review and evaluation of one’s own witnessing experiences.”

Matthew Niebauer

“I really enjoyed reading A Short Guide To Sharing Your Faith.  It contains a great deal of very meaningful information. The parts of the book that clearly spoke to me was hurdles to sharing your faith. Hurdles are very real and the ways to overcome them were helpful. Creating your own approach and sharing your own story verses a canned high pressure approach is very important. The portion on apologetics is very informative. That information is typically not included in evangelism books. Thank you Jonathan is encouraging short story.”

Pastor Joe Hollen
Hollentown Assembly of God, Hollentown, PA

“Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ is at the heart of the call on every believer’s life. Jon Srock has written a fantastic tool to help guide the newest Christians and the most seasoned saint in sharing the hope that they have in Jesus. This is an easy read with very practical steps to sharing your faith as well as straight-forward advice on how to give answers to the genuine questions people have. I highly recommend both this book and the ministry of Jon Srock. This will encourage, equip and inspire you!”

Pastor Marvin Nemitz
Harvest Community at Church, Jupiter, FL

“I highly recommend Rev. Jonathan Srock’s short guide to sharing your faith. This practical resource gives you the tools needed along with the confidence to be able to articulate your faith to others without fear. The 18 common questions that seekers ask and Jonathan’s response to those enables the reader to be thoroughly equipped in sharing their faith.”

Pastor Zac McDonald
State College Access Church, State College, PA

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