An Everlasting Love

November 18 | Jeremiah 31:3

“from far away the Lord appeared to him. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, I have continued my loyalty to you.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

How can you tell someone really loves you? Is it the words they say? Maybe they buy you gifts. Or they say they love you many times over. We all have a different way of expressing love and receiving it. And for many, love is just an emotion.

But in the Bible love is much more than emotion. That may be one of the least ways the Bible describes love. Love is an action. When God tells Israel that He loves her He speaks of His faithfulness to her, His covenant toward her.

God’s love never fails and it never ends. The covenants He has made with His people can only end when He dies. You never have to worry about God’s love stopping. That’s why His love is everlasting. Those who walk with Him now will experience His love for eternity.

His faithfulness never ends either. If God shows His love for you through His faithfulness, neither His faithfulness nor His love will ever end. These are God’s character. He cannot and will not change who He is. He cannot stop loving you or be unfaithful to you.

God will always draw you close to Him. He will never let you go. Even in your darkest time He is working on your behalf. His love is not an emotion. It is action, faithfulness, presence, and power for your life.

Action Step: Thank the Lord for His lovingkindness and compassion toward you. Praise Him for His unchanging nature and commitment to you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for always being in my corner. Even before I knew You, You gave Yourself in my place on the Cross. As much as You are forever faithful and loving toward me I will be grateful to You.

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