All the Lord’s People Be Prophets

September 20 | Numbers 11:28-29

“So Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ servant from his youth, said, “My Lord Moses, restrain them!” But Moses said to him, “Are you jealous for my sake? Would it all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the Lord would put His Spirit on them!”” (Numbers 11:28–29)

God wants you to be a Spirit-filled, gift empowered, life-giving gift to the Church. Every gift is different but we need them all. This is one of the chief ways God works among us and speaks to us.

Moses needed help to administer his leadership in the wilderness. God’s glory cloud came down and empowered seventy elders to help him. But not everybody showed up for this heavenly blessing.

Two of the elders were still in the camp but did not make it to the glory cloud experience. But God put His Spirit on them where they were and they began to prophesy. Joshua didn’t know what to do, but he thought they must be stopped.

In the New Testament the disciples have a similar experience with someone teaching in Jesus’ name. But Jesus said, “The one who is not against us is with us.” Moses didn’t react to the news of others prophesy throughout the camp with anger or dismay.

In fact, he was thrilled. He wished that all of God’s people were prophets and had the Spirit upon them. Later prophets prophesied that in the new covenant times that you live in God would pour out His Spirit on all people. And he has done exactly that.

Action Step: Have you received the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life? The Holy Spirit is for everyone who knows Jesus. Seek the powerful baptism, gifts, and ministry of the Spirit through you.

Lord Jesus, immerse me in Your Spirit and empower me t.o be Your effective servant. Don’t let Your Spirit and presence pass from me. Continue to fill me over and over.

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