A More Excellent Way

Although with great training some people can do well with a high pressure approach to sharing their faith, most of us are more comfortable with different options. The high-pressure approach doesn’t only put pressure on the ones we share with, but also on us.

For those who don’t do their best sharing and high-pressure approaches, lifestyle evangelism is a very popular choice. The way we live out our Christian faith around others is the best sign we could hold up. When they see the difference in the way we live, it should draw them to want to know about Jesus.

There is also compassion evangelism, which is to take care of the physical needs of others as a witness of Jesus’ compassion on them through us. All this takes is noticing the need and filling it. It has famously been referred to as, “Giving a cup of cold water to others.”

These are both great approaches to sharing our faith with other people. They commonly will wonder why we are being so nice to them. They will also wonder why we live so differently and are so happy. Most people suffer from depression or sadness in their lives because they don’t feel there purpose is being fulfilled.

But there is one caution that must not go unmentioned with these two approaches. Actions are not enough. Our lifestyle and our compassion must be followed up with a testimony or witness of why we are doing what we do. We must tell them that Jesus is the reason we live differently or why we are compassionate. Without the words, the actions will sound hollow.

What have been your experiences with compassion and lifestyle evangelism? What kinds of responses have people giving you? Have these been effective approaches to sharing your faith?

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