8 Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Warfare

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Our Spiritual Soldier Series continues as we begin summarizing this series with the do’s and don’ts of spiritual warfare. We have just discussed the not often talked about topic of how to handle spiritual darkness and depression.

But it’s always helpful to look at the do’s and don’ts of any subject. Most important is how to be successful in spiritual warfare. There are proven practices that make you victorious in Christ when you deal with the enemy and evil spiritual forces.

Below we look at four do’s and four don’ts of spiritual warfare. Knowing what to do in the midst of battle is vital to your victory in Jesus. Let’s dive in!

  1. Do pray against the enemy and to the Lord.

You have seen all the players in the battle. Jesus is your Commander in Chief. He goes before you and the battle belongs to Him. But if you are not connected to Jesus in a vibrant relationship you are in danger against the enemy.

Satan, his demons, and the evil spiritual forces of this world stand against you. Sometimes the battle is yours and sometimes you fight for those around you. But if you are not bathed in prayer to the Lord and fully prepared for battle, the outcome will be to your detriment.

Pray against the enemy. Stand in the gap for your family, friends, and those all around you who don’t know Jesus. They are the casualties of the enemy’s attacks. They don’t know that they are the enemy’s targets, let alone how to defend themselves.

So go against the devil in prayer for them. Pray for yourself that you are completely prepared for the battle. Pray fervently and often. Don’t let the devil have an inch. Prayer is your most powerful weapon against his advances.

Pray and fast to level up your preparation. Get deep in your relationship with Jesus. You will be unstoppable, and able to cast out every demon. Start with your most powerful weapon and the enemy doesn’t have a chance.

  1. Do put on the armor of God every day.

Along with prayer, Jesus has given you the greatest defensive and offensive weapon on the battlefield – the armor of God. Paul speaks of it as armor you put on. But he describes character traits the Holy Spirit is cultivating in you.

But you must follow through with those character traits. You must speak the truth, walk in righteousness, share the gospel of peace, live in faith, trust in your salvation, wield the power of God’s Word, and be in a constant state of prayer.

Some of these parts of the armor defend you against the onslaught of the enemy. A few of them are offensive weapons to advance God’s Kingdom. But if you don’t have your armor on you’re open to the attacks of the enemy.

You cannot stand firm against the enemy unless you walk in the armor of God. So put your honor on before you start every day. Ask the Lord to help you live out these character traits. And don’t leave home or enter the battlefield without walking in the armor.

  1. Do stay close to Jesus and declare your authority.

The only authority you have on the spiritual battlefield is Jesus’ authority in you. It comes from your relationship with Him. I have said it already because it’s so important. Without a vibrant and regular, continual relationship with Jesus you are like the emperor with no clothes on as you are on the battlefield..

He will cut you up one side and down the other. Every weakness will be exposed and he will take advantage of all of them. Jesus’ salvation and protection on the battlefield comes from your deep relationship with Him. As He has already said, “Without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

When you stay close to Jesus you can gladly and powerfully declare your authority over the enemy and his minions. Demons cannot stand in God’s presence. Demons cannot fight you when you fully submit to God (James 4:7-8).

So never neglect your relationship with Jesus. He is your Lifeline in the battle. He is your Protector, shielding you in His power and His blood. The devil cannot touch them. The demons run from you. Because you are a child of God. You know your identity in Christ you stand in Him.

  1. Do challenge the enemy and his world system.

Jesus gives you the spiritual weapons that demolish every argument, every philosophy, and every thought that stands up against God (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). You take every thought captive to Christ. You expose the lies and false philosophies of the enemy.

In almost every university and college and every corner of our society the devil is blinding the minds of unbelievers. Their minds are steeped in darkness and cloudy, foggy to the truth. They suppress the truth of God.

But you have the weapons to wage war against such philosophies and arguments. And Jesus’ weapons are much stronger than the enemy’s. The truth shines light and revelation on the enemy’s lies. They cannot withstand the weapons of truth.

So expose the lies in the enemy in every battlefield. Shine the truth of God’s Word on them. Stand in the strength of Jesus, the Person of Truth.

  1. Don’t give in to the enemy and his strategies.

Paul calls us to stand firm, to withstand the wiles, schemes, and flaming arrows of the enemy (Ephesians 6:10-14). Don’t give any ground to the enemy. Instead, take ground from the enemy and storm the gates of Hell.

He cannot stand against you. He has no power over you. The souls of those who don’t know Jesus are at stake. Don’t give in and don’t give up. The time is short. Do not allow the enemy to take your parents, your children, your brother and sister, your friends, or anyone else with him.

Stand in the gap and declare your authority in Christ. You can see his strategies. You know his playbook. Defeat him every time. Trust in Jesus and He will protect and guide you.

  1. Don’t fight spiritual battles without Jesus.

Jesus is your greatest Ally in the midst of spiritual battles. He is your Foundation and your Shield. He guides you to the right battles at the right time. He provides everything you need for victory.

Jesus goes before you. If you go in without Him the devil will make an example of you. Your enemy has no problem playing dirty, not following the rules, and taking pot shots. He will fight tooth and nail for your family and friends.

You need Jesus and His winning strategies against the enemy. Take Him with you always. Don’t be like the seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:11-20). Don’t be a Christian in name only (CHINO). Your true power is found in Christ alone.

  1. Don’t fight people.

Paul reminds us that we do not fight flesh and blood, rather principalities and all the forces of evil, spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12). Even when a person stands in your way, there is a demonic force behind that person.

People aggravate us. They stand against us, persecute us, and put us on trial. But they are not the ones waging war against us. Satan and his demons are too afraid to face us. They stand behind people and use them like pawns on the battlefield.

So stand against the enemy of their souls instead of people. See your enemies in the flash as Jesus sees them. They are lost, meeting Jesus the Savior, and usually unaware they are being used by the enemy. So fight the right fight against the right enemy. And treat people as civilians caught in the crossfire.

  1. Don’t go into battle unprepared.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the armor of God, prayer, and the other weapons we have discovered and learned how to use throughout these battlefield trainings. They are your life and victory in the midst of the battle.

The unprepared soldier suffers many blows. It may even come to a loss on the battlefield. Through these do’s and don’ts you will be prepared. With every battlefield training we have gone over you have everything you need to be victorious in Christ.

The enemy will expose every weakness when you are unprepared. Every blow, every fiery dart, and every scheme of the devil will make its mark on you. Join with other soldiers. You don’t have to fight every battle alone.

The saints of God are here to provide air support, cover your flank, and follow you into battle. Besides, there’s a camaraderie and fellowship among fellow soldiers. Those who stand alone get cut down in the battle.

So make every preparation to see victory against the enemy in spiritual warfare every time. There’s no reason every battle does not belong to the Lord and to you. Take the field, soldier, and see the victory of God played out in your life and the lives of those around you.

Wrapping Up

We have seen how the do’s and don’ts of spiritual warfare prepare us for the battle. Let us stand together on the battlefield. The Lord goes before us and the battle belongs to Him. We get to experience victory because He has already won.

These strategies give you a leg up on the enemy and assure victory. Stand against the enemy and take the field of battle for the Lord. The enemy cannot win and he cannot stop you. What are some other do’s and don’ts of spiritual warfare in your experience?

Up Next

We have looked at a summary of the do’s and don’ts of spiritual warfare. We will conclude our Spiritual Soldier Series by discovering the takeaways for waging spiritual war.

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