5 Truths About Christmas

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One of the greatest things about Christmas is that it highlights the truth in our hearts and lives. It’s hard to get away from the truth when we celebrate Jesus coming into the world to expose the darkness and the lies around us.

But among all the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season, we often neglect the most important message of all. The world wants to cover up the truth of Jesus with traditions from everything but the Bible.

It tries to mask the true power of the message of Christmas. Instead, I want to highlight five truths about Christmas. These truths call us into a deeper understanding of the Christmas season and its message. It’s very hard to cover up the truth that God wants people to hear during the season.

So without further ado, here are five truths about Christmas that we can use to brighten up this season and our lives year-round.

  1. Christmas is about sharing Jesus. When Jesus came into the world no one understood him or wanted him to come (John 1:5). He came and was born in a manger, there was no pomp or circumstance. Or was there? The angels celebrated his arrival when no one else would. They let these shepherds know that Jesus came to earth. Magi from the east knew about his arrival because of the celestial star in the heavens. Jesus’ birth was celebrated from the lowly shepherds to the stately Kings from the East. And this entire season is all about him. Don’t forget to share him with others. There is no better opportunity than Christmas. And he is the best gift you could ever give anyone.
  2. Christmas is about celebrating miracles. This season is full of miracles. God becoming a human being, part of his own creation was all about bringing freedom to us captives. A virgin gave birth without the natural means of conception. Numerous Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’ arrival. These are only a few of the amazing circumstances that brought Jesus here. And God wants to do miracles today. He doesn’t change (James 1:17; Hebrews 13:8). The same God who did miracles to bring his miracle son into the world to save humanity from sin, death, hell, and grave wants to do a miracle in your life this Christmas season. The world wants to get rid of the word “Christmas” because it has Jesus’ title inside of it. One of my favorite things they like to exchange it for is “X-mas.” What they don’t know is they still have his name and the title by accident. In the original language of the New Testament, Christ started with an X! It’s very hard to get rid of the Savior who is the reason for the season. Whatever miracle you need in your life, only Jesus can fulfill it. Let’s not only acknowledge him this season but seek him for those miracles that only he can do.
  3. Christmas is about gathering together. Jesus didn’t come into the world alone. Everyone celebrated his birth. From shepherds to kings, he had many visitors. This is the most depressing season in the entire year for many people. Although they may be at Christmas parties are hanging out with people, they feel the most alone during this time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. During Christmas we gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth and the freedom and light that comes into the world and our hearts. When you know Jesus and he lives in your heart you are never alone (Hebrews 13:5). His presence fills our hearts with joy and light. You can gather with other people during this season but it’s most important that you are together with Jesus!
  4. Christmas is about fulfilling history.  There is more significance to the Christmas season than hearing about Santa Claus, reindeer, and whatever else the world wants to come up with. This is a special time when we look back to the most pivotal moment in all of human history. The entire Old Testament looks forward to Jesus’ incarnation and arrival. Since his birth, all of history looks back to that special moment. We’re doing it right now during the Christmas season. But the world would also like to hide the fact that human history is based on the central point of Jesus’ birth. BC literally means “Before Christ.” And AD is a Latin phrase that means “In the year of the Lord.” He is the center of history. The ancients toward him and we look back at him. He fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies about his coming. And during the season we not only look back to the time of his birth at Christmas but we also look inside of ourselves to find him still alive and present with each of us.
  5. Christmas is about looking forward. Not only do we look back Christmas to see the birth of Jesus in history, and we also look inside to see Jesus through his Holy Spirit guiding us and residing in our hearts, but we also look forward to his return. He came in the past to save us and he lives with us in the present but he will also be with us in the future. So many things are coming together in the end times and will be fulfilled. Jesus will return in the second coming. He will finish all of history and wrap it up in a beautiful bow. So when you celebrate Christmas this season, you’re not only looking back to Jesus’ birth, you are celebrating is very real presence in your heart today and looking forward to the day he returns to fulfill his kingdom in the world.

Christmas is full of important events all wrapped into one. We often forget to celebrate everything that Jesus has done and is doing for us. Let us fully celebrate Christmas season this year and incorporate all parts of what it means for Jesus to come to earth, live in our hearts, and fulfill human history to bring his kingdom.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorite parts of Christmas and what it means to you. Is Christmas more to you and just some holiday?

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