Help to Push You Forward
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When you get stuck in Iraq as a writer, you need something to push you forward in your writing, to challenge you when you are not writing. I’m really glad that once a month I can submit my writing to some professional writers. I have not been writing my book…

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A Lot of Organizing
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So this week I have been doing a lot of organizing. First, I was organizing my book on the Lord’s Supper. I needed a better way to approach the book that was less chaotic. I put all the things I can think of into parts. I came out with 10…

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Expositional Preaching
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How We Speak God’s Word Today 9Marks Building Healthy ChurchesDavid Helm This is part of the 9Marks series designed to help pastors and churches with everything from discipleship to evangelism. I have found of this the second book of the series I have read that they are very helpful despite…

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