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The Unseen

“Ouch!” Brandon crumbled to the floor of his freshly minted apartment. His right shin throbbed as he laid in the fetal position rubbing it. Not even the second day of his new adventure and he was already on the injured … Continue reading

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Control Freak

Kings, shires, knights, even the Crusades! What do you think of when you hear “sovereign” or “kingdom”? For me, it’s the medieval ages with castles, peasants, and kings jockeying for power. What does a kingdom look like now? Countries and … Continue reading

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Leading Seekers to Christ

After all the questions and the process of searching to find Jesus, you’ve reached the final stage. This is where your friend wants to follow Jesus. It’s the most exciting part of the entire process! It’s not that all the … Continue reading

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Divine Word Smorgasbord

All around you brothers and sisters in the midst of the morning sunrise gently whisper to one another, “He is risen!” while their counterparts respond, “He is risen indeed!” The common Church greeting part of a beautifully woven orchestra of … Continue reading

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A Host of Questions

When you share your faith with a seeker, they will no doubt have questions. You don’t have two fear questions. They are only natural when a person is unfamiliar with religion and God. They are probably more afraid to ask … Continue reading

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A Vast Kingdom

Deep in the sand and muddy waters half a man reflects off the surface of the Jordan River. With fists in the air and a loud voice announcing repentance for all, this prophet reminding everyone of Elijah and his friends … Continue reading

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