Just One More Week…

My new short story, Tainted Beauty, will be available next Thursday, May 30!

The best part is it will be completely FREE! I will provide download links for everyone on Thursday.

I only ask that you share on social media with all of your friends and provide reviews once you download and read it. Reviews are the lifeblood of a successful launch. I greatly appreciate it!

There will also be a BONUS for those who help me launch the story for the most success. I will provide an additional short story, the next in the “Images Transformed” series.

Thank you!

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The Most Important Step

Photo by Nathan Dumlao
on Unsplash

It’s often skipped by many Christians, but is the most important step in anything we do. It’s prayer. How can we expect God to bless our efforts in sharing our faith if we don’t ask him to guide us first? We will be much more effective if he is leading us to the right people at the right time and giving us the right words to speak.

What should the content of such prayers be? Which we focus on one we are praying about sharing our faith?

  • Pray for the right person. Doesn’t God want everyone to be saved? The answer is yes. But he goes through a process with each person. Some people are more ready than others, and only he knows people’s hearts. So why not ask God to send you to the right person?
  • Pray for the right time. Many Christians worry about when to speak to others. Should I do it in public or in private? Should I do it at work, invite them for coffee, call them at home, or at some other time? The best time to know when to speak to someone about Jesus is when the Holy Spirit tells you to. Of course, this requires that we listen to the Holy Spirit on a regular basis throughout our day. He will give us the push to share when he knows the time is right.
  • Pray for the right words. As we previously discussed, God gives us the words to speak by the power of the Holy Spirit. He will give you the right transition an introduction in the conversation. Perhaps during that conversation the Holy Spirit will prompt you when the person says things like, “I really feel like I’m alone in this situation,” or “I’m curious about God but I don’t know where to start.” There are a number of cues and prompts that we may not be paying attention to, but the Holy Spirit is waiting. We need to be sensitive to his leading through the whole process.

Taking these steps in prayer means that we are being intentional about sharing our faith. Not only this, but we are also being led by the Holy Spirit. Even more, it takes the pressure off of us to come up with the right person, time, and words. God is working these things before us.

But this is not all we do in prayer. There are other things that must be done.

  • Pray for the person you will witness to. Whether God has placed a family member, friend, coworker, colleague, or even a complete stranger on our hearts, we must begin before we open our mouths with bowing our knees. We need to get a heart to see that person come to Jesus. We need to observe their need for him. We need to have a passion to see them know Jesus before we speak.
  • Ask God to prepare their heart. God goes before us and prepares others to hear what we have to say. We are not completely alone. We are following in his footsteps. He tells the soil, making hard ground soft to hear the gospel. We are partnering with God in asking him to prepare them. We move from the passive role of saying, “That guy needs Jesus”to “Lord, make him aware of his need for you and send me!”
  • Ask God for boldness and openness to the Spirit. Even though God gives us the words to speak, we must be open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit to hear them. Often times when I have spoken to others about Jesus I am surprised to hear what comes out of my mouth. It is almost as if the Holy Spirit is using me and I am taking a backseat. This is how it should be. And at the same time, we cannot be like Jonah and run the opposite way when God tells us to speak. The Spirit will give you the boldness to speak the words he has for that person.

The best part about this whole process is that God wants to use us. He sees something in us that is part of his plan for those around us. Don’t be afraid to share your faith! He picked you to go to that person because he knew he could trust you with their soul.

What kinds of things do you pray for before you share your faith? Is there anything I missed? Leave a comment and tell me about your prayer process when it comes to sharing your faith.

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This is My Story

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

Everyone loves a good story. The greatest story ever told, other than Jesus’ story, is your story of how he changed your life. There are several benefits to opening conversation about Jesus with your personal story:

Especially in the New Testament, the writers talk about two lives, the old life and the new life with Christ. You can tell they’re addressing it when they say things like, “Formerly, you had a wicked lifestyle, but now God has set you free.” Of course, this isn’t an exact quote, but you get the idea. Some examples are Ephesians 2:1-4 and Romans 6:6-7.

  • It takes the pressure off. For anyone who struggles to communicate with others, worries about hard questions to answer, or you’re uncomfortable with high-pressure situations. This allows you to share what you know.
  • No one can refute it. No one can tell you what Jesus is done for you. It’s something you know. They can’t tell you you’re wrong. It tells them about Jesus from a personal standpoint.
  • It’s not a canned answer. A lot of times people will complain that your answers to their questions aren’t your own. They will claim that they’ve heard that answer before and you got it out of some book.
  • It’s unique to you. Because this is your story, it’s unlike anything else they would have already heard. It’s a personal look into what Jesus did for you. It’s a fresh statement of the power of Jesus to change your life.
  • It’s eyewitness testimony. Historians say the best type of history is first-hand accounts of an event. They solidify that it actually happened. Telling your story shows first-hand what Jesus is doing in your life. It shows the power of his ability to transform a life. No one can say that Christianity isn’t helping you.

Your testimony has great power, even if you don’t think it does. I always thought my testimony was weak because I grew up in the church. I didn’t have some groundbreaking testimony about being saved from drugs or alcohol or crime. But I’m finding more and more that my testimony is more powerful than I could’ve ever imagined.

Don’t be afraid to share your story. It’s as easy as giving someone your background and telling them why you’re different now. Take some time to write it down and master it. By master it, I don’t mean memorize. I mean no the points of your story and how it has changed. Every time you tell someone, it will be a little different, but that’s a good thing.

Don’t be afraid to share your story. It’s as easy as giving someone your background and telling them why you’re different now. Take some time to write it down and master it. By master it, I don’t mean memorize. I mean no the points of your story and how it has changed. Every time you tell someone, it will be a little different, but that’s a good thing.

So get out there and tell your story. Take a moment to write it down and go through it a couple of times. This will reduce any nervousness you have sharing it. Leave a comment and tell me your story!

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Images Transformed

Did you ever trace an image through the whole Bible see how it changed from beginning to end? Many of the images we see of common objects are used symbolically and changed throughout time.

Every image contains a message about how God communicated with humans. Images were transformed through time as the way God worked with humans changed. Every object was elevated to reveal something greater about God and his plan for his creation.

In my upcoming short story series, I will take you on a journey through ancient time, showing how God changed the way he used the common objects of the Bible. Join me as I trace images like gardens, mountains, and stones from the beginning to the end to show their significance in God’s plans.

Coming Soon! Stay tuned!

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Getting the Ball Rolling

So you’re standing around the cooler on your break at work, or you’ve just finished your college class and you’re heading out of the room, or any number of real situations in life, and one of your friends or coworkers comes up to you. You can tell they are scared stiff to ask you, but their curiosity has gotten the best of them. They generally approach the subject, “Why do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?”

Don’t you wish it would be so easy, that every time you witnessed to someone they would be the one to come up to you? But that’s not usually how it happens. In fact, if you don’t eventually broach the subject, they might never know how amazing Jesus is and what it’s like to know him and follow him.

The trouble is that no matter how shy you are, Jesus has commissioned every Christian to share their faith in him (Matthew 28:19-20). So how do you get the ball rolling? Here are a few reasons you need to swallow your fear and give it your best shot:

  • If you don’t tell them, no one will.
  • Their eternal salvation is more important than your comfort.
  • You want them to be in heaven with you and Jesus.
  • No matter what happens, Jesus is with you (Matthew 28:20).
  • The Holy Spirit will give you the words to speak (Mark 13:11; Acts 4:8; 6:10; 13:9).

I know it’s a daunting effort to reach out to someone, but you can do it. Think about this: Jesus sent to you to that person at that moment because he trusts you with their soul. God’s got your back! You’re going to do great. Be confident, not cocky, that God has set up a divine appointment to show off the ability he’s placed in you. If he’s that confident in you, be confident in him to help you deliver the life-saving message of the gospel Jesus Christ.

We’ve talked about the fear that we all have in sharing our faith. Throughout the rest of this series, I’m going to help you prepare to make you more at ease in sharing your faith. But for now, what is stopping you from sharing your faith? And what are some other reasons you have for reaching out and giving it a shot? Leave a comment below with some of your experiences.

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In the Year 2125…

Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

Here’s a sneak peek at the setting for my new sci-fi serial novel!

The year is 2125. Technology is everywhere but not everyone is happy about it. Some groups advocate technology while others see danger in it. Earth has colonized Mars part is finding it didn’t help the problems at home. The utopia promised was never delivered.

Humanity is worse off than ever with poverty and disease around every corner. Mass population isn’t improving the situation. Mars is for rich people and earth is where poor people stay. Except for a few beautiful places left, most of the planet is a slum.

Everyone in rural areas stays away from the city. They rely on nature to protect them from everything going wrong in the cities. Hostilities are continuing to build between the two different worlds. Martial law was declared when the last presidential election turned out to be a fraud. No one listens to the United States government.

Cities are controlled by gangs and neighborhood watch groups. There is infighting within every urban area. Anyone not part of a group is in grave danger. No one walks the streets alone and survives. Educational Institute are almost impossible to get into. There is no hope left and humanity is on its last leg.

Crime is at an all-time high. Hospitals are full of people injured because of crime. While many die, most and up in commas and terminal illnesses. People turn to technology to solve yet another problem. In New York City, a neurologist has come up with an untested way for coma victims to communicate with the outside world.

All he needs is his big break to try it on someone. But when he gets the chance, he unleashes the most dangerous enemy humanity has ever faced. Will they figure out a way to stop the Thought Thieves before it’s too late?

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A More Excellent Way

Although with great training some people can do well with a high pressure approach to sharing their faith, most of us are more comfortable with different options. The high-pressure approach doesn’t only put pressure on the ones we share with, but also on us.

For those who don’t do their best sharing and high-pressure approaches, lifestyle evangelism is a very popular choice. The way we live out our Christian faith around others is the best sign we could hold up. When they see the difference in the way we live, it should draw them to want to know about Jesus.

There is also compassion evangelism, which is to take care of the physical needs of others as a witness of Jesus’ compassion on them through us. All this takes is noticing the need and filling it. It has famously been referred to as, “Giving a cup of cold water to others.”

These are both great approaches to sharing our faith with other people. They commonly will wonder why we are being so nice to them. They will also wonder why we live so differently and are so happy. Most people suffer from depression or sadness in their lives because they don’t feel there purpose is being fulfilled.

But there is one caution that must not go unmentioned with these two approaches. Actions are not enough. Our lifestyle and our compassion must be followed up with a testimony or witness of why we are doing what we do. We must tell them that Jesus is the reason we live differently or why we are compassionate. Without the words, the actions will sound hollow.

What have been your experiences with compassion and lifestyle evangelism? What kinds of responses have people giving you? Have these been effective approaches to sharing your faith?

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High Pressure Approaches

Everyone learning how to share their faith for the first time needs a little help. When I was in Bible College I was involved in a street evangelism and a door-to-door evangelism group. The problem with these approaches is that their cold turkey.

You walk up to someone on the street, or a person’s door, and you begin to talk about Jesus. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you pick your mark before you present the gospel. Most of the time, you are rejected at best. Most people don’t appreciate these approaches.

I had little success with this approach. They gave me a program of questions to use, kind of like Evangelism Explosion. Based on the answer, you ask a follow-up question, and so on. I didn’t usually get past the first question or two.

These approaches have several drawbacks. If you’re like me, and you’re more of an introvert, calling someone out on the street is probably not your style. If you’re shy or timid, you won’t do well with this approach. But there are other approaches that may fit better.

Have you ever tried door-to-door or street evangelism? How did you do with it? Did you feel pressured or did you put the pressure on someone you are witnessing to? Let me know what your experience has been with these approaches in the comments below.

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What I’m Writing

I’m excited to be involved in several writing projects right now. I really enjoyed writing when I’m not preparing sermons and Bible studies. From time to time I’ll talk about the kinds of writing projects are doing. Many of them will be found on this blog somewhere.

  • y biggest project is a nonfiction book I’m writing on holiness. It has 12 chapters, and I am almost finished with the sixth. One of these days, will know him close to finished, I will post the contents of the book for you.
  • I’m also editing some of the short stories and novels that lay unpublished, gathering dust on my computer. But editing takes time because sometimes I have to rewrite sections of the story. Some of these stories will find their way onto the blog as well
  • Currently, I am writing and editing a short story entitled, “Enduring Hope” about a father and son on a camping trip. They find themselves in grave danger. You’ll have to wait to find out what happens.
  • I’m also writing a short story sci-fi series of serial episodes called, “The Thought Thieves” about machines that can read your thoughts. Some of you might really enjoy this. I’d like to publish it in a sci-fi magazine pretty soon.

I’m part of a writing course that is helping me not only to write stories, but also to learn how to get published. It’s a really great community of authors like myself called The Write Practice. If you’re interested in writing, I highly recommend it! Each of these writing projects takes time but I really hope they will be available soon for your reading pleasure. I appreciate every subscriber to my blog and reader. Even though I write several genres, fiction, and nonfiction, I hope you find something you enjoy. Don’t be a stranger!

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Facing Rejection

We are all social creatures. Everyone wants to be part of the group, or at least have a few friends. And that’s the danger of sharing your faith with your friends and family. What if they reject you? After all, the Bible tells us that we will be persecuted when we follow Jesus (Matthew 5:10-12; John 15:20).

Even though there are some people who are more comfortable alone, no one really wants to be completely alone. We all need at least one person to share our life with. So when we sure faith, we put ourselves out there along with Jesus. Don’t let anyone tell you that rejection doesn’t hurt.

But let’s consider a few important facts:

  • Is your friend/family member’s eternal destiny more important than your comfort?
  • If you had the cure for a terminal illness, wouldn’t you want to give it?
  • Is beating around the bush bringing them closer to Jesus?
  • How much time do you think they have before it’s too late?
  • If they would defriend you for talking about Jesus for 2 to 3 minutes, were they really your friends?

I know these questions are hard to address, but the time is short and if we really love our friends/family, we want them to be with us in eternity.

What other reasons would you have for fearing rejection when you share Jesus? Leave a comment below and tell me your story.

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